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Alopecurus pratensis aurea

Golden variegated foxtail grass. Ht 1ft.

Ampelodesmos mauretanica

Silvery flower heads late Summer. Sun. Ordinary soil. Ht 5ft x 3ft spread

Arhenatherum elatius aureum

Grey green leaves with golden yellow stripes.Ht 15"

Briza maxima

Annual Quaking grass. Large flower heads Ht40cm  Propagate each year from seed

Bromus inermis Skinners Gold

Golden Brome. Green margined leaves with light yellow longitudinal variegations and yellow flower stems in midsummer. Ht 3ft

Calamagrostis Karl Foerster

Upright clumps to 6ft with feathery purplish seedheads turning creamy buff. Young plants good in containers.Well drained fertile soil

Calamagrostis Overdam

Upright clumps to 4ft with feathery purplish seedheads turning creamy buff and white striped leaves. Young plants good in containers.

Carex buchanii

Brownish red sedge. Ht 18"

Carex elata aurea

Attractive golden evergreen foliage plant. Ht18". Site that doesnt dry out or as a pond marginal.

Carex flagellifera

Stiff erect leaves, reddish green beneath and paler above. Ht 18"

Carex Frosted Curls

Dense tufts of creamy gold foliage curling at tips. Ht 1ft

Carex Hinekasuki

Variegated sedge for use as foliage plant. Ht 10"

Carex muskingumensis

Palm Leaf sedge. Mid green leaves grow out from erect stems. A strong, tidy plant for many situations. Ht 2ft 6"

Carex ornithopoda var

Evergreen silvery white variegated foliage plant. Ht 10"

Carex pendula

Pendulous sedge. Long drooping flower spikes. Pond margins or any soil that doesn't dry out. Ht 3ft.

Carex Silver Sceptre

Leaves with narrow white variegation. Spreading habit Good in a pot. Any soil sun/part shade. Ht 8"

Carex testacea

Evergreen grass ideal for pots or border. Red tinted bronze foliage . Wavy seedheads. Sun or shade. Ht 12 -15"

Carex brunnea variegated

Evergreen variegated sedge with dark green and gold leaves. ht 15"

Carex comans bronze

Bronze evergreen foliaged sedge. Ht 1ft. Quickly forms large tufted mound. Best in full sun and good drainage.

Carex dipsaceae

Arching clumps of greenish bronze foliage.Contrasting black seed heads on stem. Ht 18". Soil that doesnt dry out.

Carex morowii Fishers Form

Broad dark green upright leaves striped and margined with white, brown flowers. Ht 1ft

Carex oshimensis Evergold

Attractive evergreen foliage plant.       Ht 9"

Carex Phyllocephala  Sparkler

Hardy evergreen perennial from Japan. Attractive variegated foliage.Ht 2ft. Sun part shade. Easily forms a clump. Good in containers

Carex pseudocyperus

Cyperus sedge. Hanging tuular flower spikes. Ht 4ft. Damp soil or pond margins

Carex siderosticha Variegata

Dense clumps of striking broad sword shaped leaves with white streaks and margins. Often flushed pink at base. Ht 1ft. Soil not dry.

Chasmanthium latifolium

Tall elegant bamboo like grass with drooping quaking grass like flowers in midsummer. Ht 4ft. Full sun. Ordinary soil. Cut flower

Cortaderia rosea

Pink pampas grass. Tall pink plumes. Ht 6-7ft. Protect crown in first Winter.

Cortaderia sel. white feather

 Pampas grass. Tall white plumes. Ht 6-7ft. Protect crown in first Winter.

Cortaderia Sunningdale Silver

Pampas grass. Tall silvery plumes. Ht 6-7ft. Protect crown in first Winter.

Dactylis glomerata variegated

Evergreen silver striped grey green leaves. Purplish flower spikes in Summer. Ht 2ft

Deschampsia c. Bronceshleier

Bronze Veil. Arching stems of bronze florets in late Summer and Winter. Ht 4ft ordinary soil

Deschampsia c. Goldveil

 Arching stems of golden florets in late Summer and Winter. Ht 4ft ordinary soil

Deschampsia caes. Goldtau

'Golden Dew'Soft yellow arching flower spikes late Summer. Ht 80cm. Soil that doesn't dry

Deschampsia flex. Tatra Gold

Golden yellow evergreen tufted grass with contrasting bronze flower spikes. Ht 6"

Elymus arenarius

Lyme grass. Hardy. Prefers well drained site. Spreads.Greyish green flower spikes late Summer. Ht 4 - 5ft. Good in

Elymus magellanica

Lyme grass. Hardy. Prefers well drained site. nonspreading.Greyish green flower spikes late Summer. Ht 2-3ft

Eragrostis curvula

Weeping Love Grass. Smoke like purple greyflowerheads. prefers dry well drained conditions. ht 2ft

Festuca amethystina

Neatly tufted grass. Ht 12". Bright green with contrasting amethyst flower stalks June onwards

Festuca Elijah Blue

Very blue form of festuca.Large flattened flowerheads May onwards. Ht 9" x 1ft spread. New Variety

Festuca glauca

A blue grey compact grass. For rockeries or front of border. Ht 10"

Festuca Golden Toupee

New variety. Golden yellow foliage. Compact plant. Ht 8". Flower heads in Summer

Festuca ovina

Densely tufted small grass with fine green leaves. Ht 10"

Festuca gautieri

Evergreen dwarf grass. Ht 15cm. Flower stems May to June

Festuca glauca Auslese

Very silvery blue selection. Ht 10". Suitable pots, rockery or border

Festuca valesiana Glaucantha

Bluish grey grass. Ht 10". Forms attractive compact clumps.

Glyceria maxima variegata

Variegated grass for a damp site or pond edge. Ht 2ft

Hakonechloa macra aureola

Brightly variegated gracefully arching foliage. Full sun/part shade.Ht 15". Prefers moist well drained soil. (Add organic compost)

Holcus mollis albovariegata

Attractive foliage grass. Ht 1ft. Will spread to form a wide clump.

Hordeum jubatum

Sqirrel Tail annual grass. Bearded seed heads. Ht 2ft Propagate from seed annually

Hystrix patula

Bottlebrush grass. Good cut flower. June to August.Ht 2ft Sunny moist site

Imperata cylindrica rubra Red Baron.

Japanese Blood Grass. Ruby red young shoots. forms dense clumps. Well drained soil.Ht16”

Juncus Carmens Grey

Dark brown flowers in Summer. Grown for grey upright foliage. Sun or shade. Soil not dry. Ht 2ft

Koeleria glauca

Bluish green grass. Ht 1ft

Lagurus ovatus Bunny Tails

Dwarf hares tail grass. Silvery flower heads. Propagate from seed annually

Luzula Hohe Tatra

Luzula nivea

Woodrush variety with sprays of creamy brown flowers in midsummer. Ht 15"

Melica uniflora variegata

Arching cream flowers in Summer. Variegated leaves. Sun or shade. Ordinary soil. Ht 1ft.

Millium effusum aureum

Bowles golden grass. Bright yellow foliage, tiny golden bead like flowers. Ht 15"

Miscanthus Kleine Silberspinne

Dwarf Eulalia grass. White veined narrow leaves. Grown for attractive silky flower heads. Ht 2 -3ft. A choice grass.

Miscanthus malepartus

Many large upright flower heads open silver then fluffy white when dry. Sept-Feb. Ht 7ft. Gold in autumn.

Miscanthus purpurascens

Flower heads pink drying to silver August on. Ht 5ft. Soil well drained but not dry.

Miscanthus Yakushima Dwarf

Forms silvery hummocks with leaves curling at tips. Dark brown flowers. Ht 1 -2ft. One of best dwarf varieties

Miscanthus Zebrinus

Green leaves with gold bands. Ht 3ft Well drained soil.

Miscanthus gracillimus

Maiden Grass. Gracefully tall rounded overall form. Copper red flower spikes in

late Summer. Ht 6ft. Full sun

Miscanthus oligostachys

Silvery flower spikes late Summer. Foliage often bronze red in Autumn. Sun. ordinary soil. Ht 4ft

Miscanthus sin. Flamingo

Many large open heads of arching purplish pink flower spikes late summer on 2m stems

Miscanthus sin. Morning Light

Elegant grass with narrow green leaves with cream margin. Silvery plumes Sept –February Ht 4ft

Miscanthus sinens. Silberfeder

Large silvery feathery flowerheads held high above foliage. August to February. Free flowering. Well drained site.

Miscanthus sinensis giganteus

Silvery flowers Sept - Feb. Tall 8ft architectural foliage. sun. Ordinary soil

Miscanthus sinensis Variegata

Green and white variegated leaved grass. Attractive red tinted flower heads. Ht 6ft. A choice grass. Young plants good in containers

Mollinia caerulea Moorhexe

Totally upright grass with rich green leaves and purple seed heads in August changing to silver. Ht 2ft

Panicum virgatum Rehbraun

Flower spikes up to 100cm August to October

Penisetum Little Bunny

Greenish purple flowers in Autumn. Sun. Well drained. Ht 15"

Pennisetum Alopecuroides

Fountain grass. Many large pink tinted bottlebrush shaped flower heads from mid

summer. Ht 2-3ft. Well drained soil. Full sun

Pennisetum villosum

Long pure white rounded fluffy seed heads. Ht 2ft.Prefers full sun. Soil not dry. Dramatic in a mass or in container

Phalaris arundinacea picta Feesey

`Gardeners garters'.Stronger and clearer white variegation. Vigorous attractive grass. Ht 3-4ft. Pond margins or any soil not too dry.

Phalaris arundinacea picta gold

Gardeners garters. Vigorous attractive grass. Ht 3-4ft. Pond margin or soil not dry. Spreads. Creamy gold form.

Phalaris arundinacea picta silver

`Gardeners garters'. Vigorous attractive grass. Ht 3-4ft. Pond margins or any soil not too dry. Silvery variegated form

Phormium tenax

New Zealand Flax. Leathery evergreen leaves to 6ft plus. Pinkish flowers on 10ft spikes. Soil that doesnt dry out. Sheltered site.

Poa alpina

Greyish dwarf grass. Ht 10cm

Stipa arundinacea

Tall plumes, bronze foliage. Flowers June to July. Ht 3.5ft

Stipa gigantea

Tall, very dainty plumes. Flowers June to July. Ht 4ft Well drained soil.

Stipa barbata Federspiel

Long yellowish flower spikes in Summer. sheltered sunny site. well drained Ht 2ft

Stipa tenuissima

Attractive fine leaves. Very dainty plant with soft flowerheads. Ht 15" Well drained soil.

Uncinia rubra

Deep scarlet foliage Ht 12" sunny site

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