Old Photos of Dalston

In the past much of the industry of Dalston depended on water power and there were many water driven mills in the village. The following photo shows the dam which channeled water down to Low Mill.The dam was behind Dalston churchyard and part of it is still present and can be seen in the form of a large block of concrete. Remnants of the millstream bed still exist behind Dalston churchyard and beyond Low Mill. The dam existed until the late 1940s. Rumour has it that it's downfall was accelerated by two locals who were fishing in the dam pool with live grenades brought back during the second world war.

The Bay behind Dalston churchyard

The following is a reproduction of an old postcard of foxhounds setting off from Bridge End. The postcard is coloured and this effect was achieved by hand painting a black and white photo. The date is not known. Any ideas?

Fox hounds at Bridge End

Another meet of the foxhounds in Dalston. This time just outside what is now the newsagents. A guess at the date of the photo is around 1930.Anyone with a knowledge of old cars may come up with a more accurate date.

Foxhounds meeting in |Dalston

We have found an account book for our family business dated 1888. It is possible the following photo is dated from around this period. It shows the Greenmarket in Carlisle which predated the Covered Market. The lady in a white apron serving a customer in the bottom right of the photo is Mrs Walton senior whom I believe to be my great great grandmother

Greenmarket, Carlisle

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Last updated 26th Jan 2001