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New Plants for 2001 and 2002

Most of these plants will be available in May to June 2001, but possibly in small numbers

Convallaria majalis rosea
New light pink form of Lily of the Valley.Fragrant flowers in Spring. Good ground cover in poor shady sites. Spreads by rhizomes
Hemerocallis Strawberry Candy
A vigorous tetraploid variety of daylily which blooms midseaon and again later. Produces many flowers. Received an award of merit with highest marks ever.
Geranium clarkeii Kashmir Pink Cranesbill Heigth: 15" Attractive rosy pink flowers from early to late summer. Foliage is green and spreads well. Nice compact growing habit. Prefers a rich dry to light moist soil. Great plant to combine with other Geraniums.
Hemerocallis Siloam Button Box diploid Day Lily Height: 20" This Siloam variety has creamy yellow flowers with a maroon eye zone and a green throat. Petals are slightly ruffled and the flowers are 4" across. Nice green grassy like foliage. Flowering time is early mid season.
Geranium Sue Crug Cranesbill Height: 50 cm, 19.50" A spectacular new variety, which flowers all summer long. The first flowers appear late spring and flowers keep appearing till the frost. The flowers are magenta colored with darker veins and center
Hosta Abiqua Moonbeam
Plaintain Lily Flowers: Ht 2ft Leaves are heart shaped which gives this Hosta a different look. The leaves are bluish green with wide creamy margins. This vigorous plant is a sport of H.August Moon. White flowers appear in midsummer.
Hosta Lacy Belle
Plaintain Lily Flowers: 60 cm, 23.40" Blue green leaves are bordered with a wide creamy edge that changes to white as the season progresses. Plant is very compact growing and gets about 30 cm in height. In mid summer the clumps are topped with 60 cm tall scapes with medium lavender flowers.
Hemerocallis citrina
Day Lily Height: 3 to 4ft This species daylily has pale lemon-yellow flowers, which appear at night. A nice lemon-like fragrance gives added value. The flowers are long trumpet shaped. Profuse flowering variety.
Hemerocallis Grand Masterpiece
diploid Day Lily Height: 2ft Spectacular deep purple flowers with a lime-green throat. A nice fragrance spreads from the flowers from the moment they open. Early to mid-season flowering. The flowers are 6" across
Astrantia major Ruby Wedding
Masterwort. A popular variety with dark red flowers and maroon coloured stems. Flowers are produced well above stems from mid to late summer. Prefers light shade or full sun and a soil that won't dry out.Ht 18"

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